About us

World Capoeira Maculele Arts Foundation

World Capoeira Arts Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to providing cultural education, building community and improving the lives of children in underserved communities through sharing the art form of Capoeira. Our projects are located in the US, Brazil, Colombia, Luanda-Angola, Puerto Rico, Argentina and Portugal. Our nonprofit creates safe learning environments, art and culture workshops, health education, reliable role models, and nutritious snacks. As they learn capoeira, its music, history and philosophy, they develop physical and emotional strength to solve problems, make friends, and develop their self-esteem.

World Capoeira Maculele Arts Foundation meets our community’s need for safe, accessible space to participate in activities that foster positive change through participation in arts, improved health, and cultural connectedness. To remove barriers to participation we offer free inclusive year-round programs, and operate in underserved communities.

World Capoeira Maculele Arts Foundation helps meet our community’s need for a safe, accessible space where people of all ages and abilities can participate in meaningful activities that engage body, heart, and mind. To remove barriers to participation, World Capoera Maculele Arts Foundation offers year-round, inclusive programs and operates in underserved communities.

World Capoeira Maculele Arts Foundation is not just a regular not for profit organization; we proudly claim that because we are one of the few organizations that is completely led by extremely driven and passionate volunteers. We are a group of like-minded, and self- motivated individuals who believe that children are the promise of a better tomorrow. If children do not have access to their right to be educated and being healthy, then we as a society fail as a whole. Through fundraising events, campaigns, and backing from our patrons, we support projects in the USA, Brazil and around the world to bring sustainable transformation in the lives of children living in adverse conditions. In fulfilling the dreams of these children, we believe, we will achieve ours.