Our Projects

Our Projects

Capoeira for Kids

Our social projects—Projeto Maculelê, and others—are created to enrich the lives of at-risk children in poor neighborhoods throughout Brazil, USA, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Argentina and Africa. Many of these children suffer from malnutrition, lack of appropriate adult attention, and other conditions related to poverty. Without movitation and self-confidence building, these children often fall victim to the world of crime and drugs.

Capoeira for Seniors

World Capoeira Arts Foundation offers free classes and demonstration for seniors at local community centers. The instructors incorporates light streaching and gentle movements into class improving energy levels and concentration. In addition to the physical and mental benefits on this program, the organization believes that music, instruments and dance classes will help relieve daily stress and anxiety.

Capoeira for Children, Youth and Elderly with mental and physical disabilities

This project was initiated to help children, youth and elderly people with mental and physical disabilities. Autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy are common examples of pathologies which can be trated by means of Capoeira. Even blind people or people with severe disabilities like people who use wheelchairs can benefit from this therapy. With the music, streeching and movements the students excercises, make friends and also use the music and singing as a way of socializing.

Language Classes

This project assists both kids and families and involves teaching english language in the slums of Brazil, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Argentina and Africa.

Feeding the homeless

This project is taking place in the City of Atlanta. Every Sunday Mestre Fran, Mestra Sara and volunteers distributes food, water and snacks to homeless in Downtown Atlanta. We want to bring attention to the plight of the homeless and provide opportunitues for volunteers to become directly involved in serving the less fortunate. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer or send us food donations from restaurants or grocery stores



Projeto Ie Viva Meu Mestre – Mestre Padeiro, Mestranda Gerci & Instrutor Nathan
Projeto Sede Maculele – Professor Dandley & Students
Projeto Maculele Transformando Vidas – Monitor Guilherme serves 100 children in the small town of Cornelio Procopio
Projeto Maculele Transformando Vidas – Mestrando Dida serves 100 children in the city of Londrina
Projeto Maculele Transformando Vidas – Mestrando Andro serves 150 children in the city of Londrina
Projeto Maculele Escola Caique – Mestrando Piu and Graduado Bolinha serves 150 children in a dangerous neighborhood in the city of Londrina
Projeto Maculele Transformando Vidas- Professor Baba Francisco Beltrao
Capoeira para Terceira idade – Graduada Angela


Maculele Projeto Sementes – Instrutor Noe and his students serves over 150 children in Bogota, Colombia
Projeto Maculele Transformando Vidas – Instrutor Berimbau serves over 20 children in Cali, Colombia
Gingando Pela Vida– Graduado Tenebroso

Puerto Rico

Projeto Maculele Transformando Vidas – Monitor Galego

Luanda – Angola

Projeto Maculele Transformando Vidas – Estagiario Coala serves over 100 kids in Luanda, Angola.  


Maculele Transforming lives social Project – Mestre Fran , Mestra Sara and Professora Dandhara serves over 65 kids in Decatur and Clarkston
Hope Project – Feeding homeless of the city of AtlantaCONGO


Capoeira for Seniors – Professora Belinha teachers seniors every week in Portugal