Annual Impact

When we think about 2020, we see how everyone’s live changed. The COVID-19 pandemic  has brought pain and loss to many and for the vast majority of us, our daily lives, family time and work have changed. We reached the end of this difficult year not individually, but reaching out to others, as we always do at Maculelê. With each passing year, I am more proud of our organization. I will remember 2020 as a year of great changes and strength for us, in which Maculelê did not stop, despite the pandemic. We remove obstacles, find new ways to connect and adopt different approaches to humanitarian services, such as projects and fundraising over the internet. These stories should give us every reason to remain optimistic about Maculelê next year. We are not just surviving, we are gaining strength. We are discovering how extremely resilient our organization is, even during the pandemic. To grow and connect, and to engage our members and the communities we serve. Health and love to you all!

World Capoeira Maculele Arts Foundation TOP 10 OF 2020

  • We donated more than $ 1000 to organizations supporting racial justice and Campaign Zero
  • Capoeira Club London Mestre Hiram, Mestre Fran and Mestre Acordeon got together for a wonderful campaign where we raised $ 5000, and we managed to buy the wheel chair for Cobrinha a capoeirista from Maceio who doesn’t have the legs, the electric wheelchair that cost R$ 12.000, and we also help him with R $ 1,500 in cash for him to buy groceries. We donated R$ 5,000 to the project Angola, Africa Est. Coala, Projeto ‘Ie Viva Meu Mestre’ Mestre Padeiro Londrina, and projeto ‘Transforming Lives’ Instructor Babu the same amount of money.
  • We donated 285 boxes of food and school supplies to refugees in Atlanta
  • We helped financially with food baskets and financially 25 student instructors within the Maculelê Group and some friends who have important social projects that needed support.
  • We volunteered at the Food Drive for the community, taught classes at ZOOM and donated the amount collected with the help of our entire family to Mestre João Grande. We are also offering free classes on ZOOM for 9 months to anyone who needs it right now.
  • We offer free classes on refugee social projects in Atlanta, GA. Not forgetting our project that feeds the homeless, we were able helped with 300 lunch boxes, hand sanitizers and masks!
  • And last but not least, our own social project that feeds the homeless in Atlanta, we were able to help with 300 lunch boxes, hand sanitizer and masks.

World Capoeira Maculele Arts Foundation is not only a conduit that leverages capoeira to build youth and transform lives but it also enriches the lives of people in our community contributes to the cultural diversity that makes Atlanta shine.

Help World Capoeira Maculele Arts Foundation continue to bring its mission to life and impacting lives throughout Decatur, Atlanta and around the world. Please make a tax-deductible donation today.