Our nonprofit creates multifaceted Capoeira Arts programs that explore the many disciplines the art encompasses from which students can benefit from physically, mentally and emotionally. Our free capoeira, dance and Portuguese programs cater to all ages and operate on-site, at our full time Capoeira academy in the Decatur and off-site, largely throughout Atlanta schools. World Capoeira Maculele Arts Foundation has taught thousands of students in Atlanta and around the world. Our nonprofit provides opportunities for children to experience and learn the value of cultural diversity.

Special Workshops:
Each year World Capoeira Maculele Arts Foundation bring special guest artists to Atlanta. These workshops celebrate additional cultures through different capoeira styles, art presentations, or other unique programs

World Capoeira Maculele Arts Foundation performs Capoeira, and Brazilian cultural dances throughout Atlanta Schools, Festivals and holds an end-of-the-year performance for parents, school staff, fellow students and members of the community.

Community Programs:
Experience Afro-Brazilian vibrant culture through some very unique cultural programs in Atlanta, GA. We offer free Capoeira, Samba, Capoeira for seniors, Portuguese classes and feeding the homeless project.

 Rehabilitation of Vulnerable Children

We work in partnership with organizations that are involved in taking children out from exploitative circumstances and reinstating their lives through educational programs and associated rehabilitation. World Capoeira Maculele Arts Foundation also facilitates counseling and rehabilitation of street children. Our projects work with children in the age group of 3 to 14 years along with their families, pulling them out of unfavorable conditions and restoring the joys of childhood.